On the field qualities(Aware-Confident-Efficient / ACE)

Hawks players excel on the field because our training environment teaches them to be critical thinkers who observe, make decisions, and have the skill to execute under pressure.

A Hawk player is aware of her surrounding, confident in her decisions, and efficient in her execution.

Confident in

  • Decisions under pressure
  • My teammates collective response
  • Abilities and skills
  • The learning process

Aware of

  • Location of the ball
  • Position of the opponents
  • Position of teammates
  • Space to be attacked/defended
  • Score and game situation

Efficient when

  • Receiving under pressure
  • Passing under pressure
  • Dribbling past opponents
  • Tackling the ball away
  • Heading to score or clear
  • Finishing

Bring the best version of you(Attitude-Competitiveness-Effort / ACE)

Hawks players learn to focus on the controllable. These are our core values and what make our players wonderful teammates and fierce leaders

Our players bring in positive attitude, compete with fairness and fierceness, and display work ethic and effort.

Being competitive

It is not wanting to win. Everyone wants to win but being competitive is knowing how to win.

  • Know the score
  • Know the rules
  • Know the triggers
  • Know the scenarios
  • Know how to get the edge
  • Know how to help your teammates win

Attitude is

  • Being ready to train
  • Lift your team's spirit
  • Be supportive
  • Be coachable

Effort is

  • Being fit
  • Never taking a play off in training
  • Playing hard for 90
  • Making the most of every rep
  • Demanding more from your self
  • Holding each other accountable
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What is required to excel and become a starter/impact player at each position